Up until I was 15 my dream was to become a pop star on American Idol. Now, 7 years have passed and fortunately, my dreams of becoming the next Kelly Clarkson have too. Despite the change of plans, I still like to put my music interest to good use. I have developed some sort of hubris when it comes to playing the right songs at parties and coming up with killer playlists. Here are some of them. 

Cassette Tape  Julia.png

Every car ride with Julia I attempt taking over the aux cord. Not such a simple task considering she's one of the most stubborn people I've ever met. However, when I am allowed to take over the DJ role I usually win her over by playing great music, ending the argument in, "Share this song with me!". So here you go. Now I'll never have to share another screenshot of a song with you ever again.<3

Cassette Tape Mamma.png

Me and my roomies have very distinguished taste in music.  I honestly don't know if this playlist will be appreciated, but the music I've collected here is somewhat of a crossover between our two music tastes. I hope you like it girls! 

Last time my mom visited me here in San Francisco I realised that she's not really listening to music. How could that be? Most likely because she doesn't know of any good music. This of course needed to change, and a day later after this conversation "Mom's playlist" was existent.

And of course what I'm listening to on a daily basis, you'll find right here: